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How to associate records when importing data

When importing Excel file, if there are associated fields, you can associate the records when import.

Application Scenario

The worksheet Company is associated with the worksheet Contact. A company record can be associated with multiple contact records; while a contact record can only be associated with a company record. Now there is already the customer's company information in the Company worksheet, when importing contacts information, you can associate the records.

How to import data from Excel

Key Steps

In the step of mapping fields, you need to set the fields in the associated worksheet.

  • A: The Customer column in Excel (Contact worksheet)

  • B: The name of the worksheet associated with the Contact worksheet, that is, the Customer worksheet.

  • C: Matching fields in the Customer worksheet.

Logic: If there is Shanghai Wanqi Mingdao Software Co., Ltd. in the customer column of the Excel file to be imported, it will check whether there is such a record in the customer worksheet (the full name of the company), and if there is, it will be associated with the record.

Worksheet A is associated with worksheet B, 1 to many, that is, a record in worksheet A can be associated with more than one record in worksheet B. When importing, it can only automatically associate records in worksheet A when importing worksheet B, but not vice versa. For example, when importing the Contacts worksheet, it can automatically associate customer records; however, when importing the Customer worksheet, it cannot automatically associate contact records. Therefore, if you need to import the Customer worksheet and the Contacts worksheet, please import the Customer worksheet first, and then import the Contacts worksheet, so that the records can be associated automatically.

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